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TRUWAY Real Estate: One-Stop Destination for Off-Market Sellers and Buyers

Off-market sales is a process of selling a property without public advertising. This means it does not involve any auction, ads in the local paper, and internet listings. At TRUWAY Real Estate, we specialise in off-market sales. We use the off-market selling method in a bid to obtain the best possible price for our sellers without spending a huge amount of money on marketing costs.

When it comes to off-market sales the properties are not publicly advertised through mainstream channels. Instead, we use our expertise to find qualified off-market buyers through other avenues. Whether you want to sell your property off-market or you want to purchase a property that has not been listed in the market, we will help you get the best possible deals.

With TRUWAY Real Estate, you will get access to genuine buyers as well as top-rated properties through off-market selling and buying. We use our extensive market knowledge and huge database of qualified buyers as well as properties to expedite a discreet sale between a buyer and seller. Our aim is to ensure a successful settlement with the most favourable terms possible.      

Quick and Hassle-Free Off-Market Sales through an Extensive Database of Genuine Buyers

Do you want to sell your property privately and save thousands of upfront marketing costs? If yes, then the off-market sales method is the right option for you. With extensive experience in off-market sales, we can help you sell your property quickly and with a certain amount of secrecy and discretion. In off-market sales, you can not only sell your property quickly but also save a bucket-load of money on marketing costs.

With decades of experience in the real estate market, we have over 1000 genuine and qualified buyers to facilitate a private off-market sale between a vendor and vendee. Our database of buyers and investors include childcare developers, home-care agencies, residential developers, mum and dad investors, as well as commercial businesses. We at TRUWAY Real Estate, have a team of highly-experienced agents who will guide you at every step of the off-market process, ensuring a quick and stress-free sale without incurring the added costs of listing your property or marketing.

Using our diverse database of genuine buyers, we will match you with the best opportunity. With TRUWAY Real Estate, you will only connect with buyers who have shown bona fide interest in different types of off-market properties. Our aim is to ensure a quick sale and settlement by introducing the buyers to your property before it goes into the market, saving you a whole lot of money and time in marketing and presentation.

Off-Market Property Selling and Buying Has Never Been So Easy

At TRUWAY Real Estate, we are committed to make off-market selling and buying as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our team will assess your specific needs before helping you make the right decisions. We will help you throughout all the stages of the off-market selling or buying process, ensuring your needs are covered from start to finish.

As a trusted seller’s and buyer’s agency, we have access to genuine buyers and off-market listings. If you want to sell your property off-market, we can offer you a large database of buyers who are interested in buying a property before it is introduced in the market. On the other hand, if you want to buy a property privately then we can offer you a wide range of properties off-market.

With a vast wealth of experience in the real estate market, we understand what our clients want and can assist you with the selling of your private listed property. We will help you connect with qualified buyers that are willing to purchase off-market properties. You can have peace of mind knowing that our long-lasting relationship with buyers will make sure your private sale goes off without a hitch. As well as being vendor advocates, our wide network of industry contacts allows us to advocate for buyers of private listing. We take pride in the work we do and go the extra mile to help you secure the best possible deal.

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